Standard Installation 2

 Deck Mounting

Maximum height of deck is 1100mm. Optional long rudder 1170mm. If deck is any higher - or there are obstructions - then the Transom Mounting is required.

All parts supplied apart from Iroko blocks which can be easily made yourself.

1 Standard tubes supplied 1 metre long.

2 Deck clamps are alluminium casting

3 Iroko timber packing blocks raised tubes 88mm. Above deck to clear toe-rail.

4 Deck bolts are 3/8" Whitworth thread and project 115mm. Below base of Iroko packing block. Bolts can be supplied longer if required.

5 Tubes centres 390mm.
Tube diametres (O.S) 38mm x 6mm wall.

6 Tubes can be supplied cranked out to avoid hatches.

7 Minimum fore & aft gap between deck clamp bolts approx. 200mm. This requires 255mm of clear falt deck space.

The two mounting tubes coming from the Gear can be supplied straight for bolting on deck, or bent for bolting to the transom. Both methods are equally as strong. The transom mounting is used where there is no aft deck, a hatch is in the way or the deck is too high. Hopefully the installation drawings are self explanatory and helpful in deciding what is the best method of mounting the tubes for any yacht.

Bolting the tubes on using the standard clamps, bolts and packing blocks is usually a straight forward job and a large proportion of owners undertake the work themselves. If you get a yard to do the job I suggest you still arrange a steering line layout as most owners make a better job doing this part themselves.

There are no modifications made on the Gear to suit a particular design of yacht and all Aries are exactly the same except for the mounting tubes.

 Transom Hung Rudder

1 Maximum tube height above water is 1100mm. Minimum is 810mm. Optional long rudder is 1170mm. The majority of yachts over 40ft would have the tubes at max. height.

355mm clear space between tubes. Check clearance of stock on full helm.

Horizontal part of tubes are always supplied extra long. Saw off to shortest practical length after bolting on and offering Gear in position.

Can use straight tubes bolted to deck - or bent tubes on transom as shown. (Check tiller obstruction on full helm).

Standard clamps, bolts and backing blocks.

Internal backing blocks made of Iroko. Size 120 x 75 x 28mm.
Can be easily made yourself.

Maximum centre line of Gear - aft from transom 530mm.

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